Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers
Reliable Dedicated Servers with Optional Management and No Setup FeesDedicated server hosting is a big step for your business. Whether it’s for your own website or for client sites, it gives you a higher level of freedom and security than shared hosting can provide. We also offer full pro-active server management on clients request on normal charges.

Having us manage your server ensures you are kept up to date with the latest patches and security updates, guaranteeing optimum performance, security and reliability. Servers are setup within 24 hours and are hosted in a state of the art data-centers. Every server is fully configurable, if you’d like a custom solution. Please contact us for a quote.

Unlimited Hosting SSD Hosting
Fast Server Setup
Dedicated Server Get your dedicated server ready within 48 hours. There is no waiting time.

High-grade Hardwares

Hardware We only use high quality server grade hardware for ultra reliability & stability.

5TB Monthly Transfer

DataTransfer 5TB data can be transferred in a month. Add extra bandwidth if exceed.
CPU Series RAM HDD Trafic Price /Mo Package Order
Opteron 6128
8 GB DDR3 1 TB SATA-II 10TB /Mo Rs.9200 Dedicated-1 ORDER NOW
Xeon® X3430
8 GB DDR3 1 TB SATA-II 10TB /Mo Rs.10500 Dedicated-2 ORDER NOW

Xeon® E3-1230
8 GB DDR3 1 TB SATA-II 10TB /Mo Rs.13000 Dedicated-3 ORDER NOW

Xeon® E3-1270
8 GB DDR3 1 TB SATA-II 10TB /Mo Rs.15500 Dedicated-4 ORDER NOW
Xeon® Dual 5506 8 GB DDR3 1 TB SATA-II 10TB /Mo Rs.19500 Dedicated-5 ORDER NOW


Higher Performance

Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Greater Control

Increased Security
Processor power, disk space, memory and other system resources aren’t shared with noisy neighbors. And you have total control of your dedicated server. Using our technology solution, you can run predictable workloads in a dedicated environment — and burst into the cloud when traffic spikes. Customize individual server hardware, OS and other items to meet the needs of your environment, including tough-to-manage I/O intensive applications. Single-tenancy provides higher levels of security to help comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and FISMA guidelines. Moreover, you can secure more scripts.
Features Included
  • Zero Setup Charges
  • Choice of OS (Lin-Win-BSD)
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 29 IPs Server (5 Usable IP)
  • 24/7 Friendly Support
  • Free Unlimited Reboots
  • Multi-Gigabit Network
  • 1024 Mbit Uplink
  • Full Management (Optional)
  • Virus Scanning (Optional)
Full Management

Since 2010, we’ve been managing our customers’ dedicated environments and helping them succeed in the cloud. We can help you, too, with the specialized expertise and results-obsessed customer service we call Fanatical Support®. Fully managed, single-tenant hosting for the highest levels of performance and uptime.

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